Coming events


Dates for official NDGANZ workshops and exams for 2019


8/9/10 February Christchurch workshop/Bootcamp 
16/17 March Central workshop - Palmerston North
13/14 April Auckland workshop
25/26 May Christchurch exams
22/23 June Central exams - Palmerston North
13/14 July Auckland exams

For all workshops
Proficiency will be on the Saturday 
Masters (if you have passed the other 3 modules) is also Saturday 
Poodles is on the Sunday (2020 is Gundogs, 2021 is Terriers, 2022 Poodles, 2023 Gundogs, 2024 Terriers etc etc)

Workshops for proficiency exams are recommended but not compulsory
Workshops for Masters and poodles etc are compulsory


All exams are only available to paid-up members and more info is in the Rules section


Workshop and exam venues 2019

Christchurch - Canterbury Kennel Centre, 701 McLeans Island Road, McLeans Island, Christchurch
Palmerston North - TransFURmations, 298 Broadway Ave, Palmerston North
Auckland - Angels Grooming Centre, 400 Don Buck Road, Massey, Auckland



8th, 9th, 10th November 2019
Dr Cliff Faver and Suzanne Marchetti will be returning to continue on from the amazing seminars from Wellington 2018.

More details coming soon...




(All events are offered in good faith and may be subject to change in unforeseen situations outside of our control)



National Dog Groomers Association of New Zealand is an organisation representing the standards, goals, aspirations and image of the Professional Pet Groomers.

Our primary intention is aimed at uniting groomers through membership and in this way we hope to form a professional and sincere alliance that will benefit the grooming industry by recognising the true and committed pet professional.

NDGA provides advanced continuing educational programs in the form of workshops and seminars designed to enhance the expertise and business acumen of professional pet groomers and provides you an opportunity to expand your professional contacts, to make friends amongst individuals with common interests, concerns and goals.




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